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March Updates: the #GCBlog

Georgia Pearle

Read some of the Twitter love Robin Black got as a Gulf Coast Blogger in Residence. Also, a sneak peek at next months' Blogger in Residence, David Mura.

Final Words

Robin Black

For the past few days I have had a question, doubtless familiar to many writers, on my mind: How am I going to end this thing? The thing in question, this time, is my month as Blogger-in-Residence here at the stellar Gulf Coast Literary Journal, but of…

Wanting It, A Review

Luisa Muradyan

Enough cannot be written about desire. Desire will not let us hold or master it. Instead, we are both lucky and pained to dwell in its atmosphere, an atmosphere changing so quickly we would need an atomic clock to trace its movements. Anne Carson’s Eros…

The Parent Trap & Other Potential Pitfalls of Writing What You Know

Robin Black

There isn’t much about parenting that I don’t know. Mothering, specifically. A caveat though: I mean, mothering with a good dose of privilege, including financial security. But within that fortunate realm, I have been at this mothering thing more than…

What’s Love Got To Do With It

Robin Black

Hi All, When Gulf Coast Journal and I put together this plan, the idea was always for me to run some “vintage” posts. And today is my first. See you with new material again on Thursday! Robin In 1993, my first marriage failed – eight years and two children…

One of the Most Difficult Things About This Career. . .

Robin Black

. . . is. . . The Success Gap. I have learned to avoid absolutes, so I won’t say that I don’t know a single writer who isn’t fully aware of who among their social circle has achieved more than they, but I will say, I have met precious few who don’t have…

Workshopping Reality, Imagined and Otherwise

Robin Black

Last week I read an article about reality, a physics theory I cannot even pretend to understand.  The degree to which I don’t understand it is itself kind of enjoyable, an intellectual free fall without a net. Not that being baffled is a rare experience…