Broken Ode on My Bank Account

Parker Logan

Watch me rattle, shake, hum for the money       dried up like a puddle in the heat
all that loose change in my coin bank                  my skinny children have nothing to eat

that pinch between fat and forefinger.                only white rice and black eyed peas
an extra helping of would-you-please                  for the babies, ramen and hard boiled eggs

mother, darling, pat down the cushion                for the women and men
turn a hot helping of more, gimme some.           we don’t have beaucoups of nothing

either a swallow or a dollop                                  all the empty Earth can serve
just another hole in my pocket                             an open palmed slap across my cheeks

a slam dunk on my checking account                  savings? Jesus Christ let me get a witness
send a stimulus or an amen                                 on my grave I don’t have a dollar

send a winning lottery ticket or a loaded man.   I barely even own my name.