31.2 Summer/Fall 2019

2018 Barthelme Prize

2018 Translation Prize in Poetry

2018 Beauchamp Prize in Critical Art Writing

  • A Long Dull Shadow: Georg Baselitz's Legacy of Misogyny by Maura Callahan (Winner)


  • Tributary by Jonathan Danielson
  • The Law of Diminishing Returns by Gbolahan Adeola
  • Generation Perestroika by Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry
  • Appleseed: The Monstrous Birth by Matt Bell


  • Whens by Chloe Garcia Roberts
  • Both Ways by Emma Copley Eisenberg
  • Deep Springs College by Theadora Walsh


  • 6 poems by Diane Seuss:
[OD'd on his Suboxone and not on purpose, opened in the kitchen dark a bottle]
[He called from San Francisco, I was nursing the baby, he said I have]
[You know what living means? Tits out, tits in the rain. Tits]
[Back then its hair was Cleopatraed but went toward witch, bach then when]
[Marry dull. Those who retain full access to their imaginations are crosshatched]
[How do you stand being so virtuous? My only vitue is my lack]
Blueberry Ballad
Morning Song
Cold Tahoe Today
  • Reader, I by Corey Van Landingham
  • Once We Were Dykes by M.K. Metz
  • Girl 6 by Joy Priest
  • Man by Justin Wymer
  • 2 Poems by Cintia Santana
Grief, February
Ode to the J
  • If Tori Amos Were a Realtor by Maya Jewell Zeller
  • Walking Alone by the Riverbank Looking for Flowers by Du Fu (Tranl. by Gary Young & Yanwen Xu)
  • At the Border by Lu Lun (Transl. by Gary Young & Yanwen Xu)
  • Bone Catalog by Ruth Joffre
  • [To witness a selkie, owl-grandmother, grief] by Kevin Phan
  • Poem for the Year by Maggie Millner
  • Searching by Anthony Cody
  • When 49 of Our Family Were Murdered by Ian Spencer Bell
  • The Summer Forecast by Shelley Wong
  • Manmade Island by Cherry Pickman
  • Dear Michael by Philip Schaefer
  • 2 Poems by Emilia Phillips:
The Only Thing I Learned from Working at an Italian Restaurant for that one Week when I was Eighteen Was
Memento Doloris
  • My Love by Rochelle Germond
  • Why Gear? by Jason Koo


Special Feature: A Ragbag, Curated by Justin Torres

  • 3 Poems by Amber Atiya
in 2 months i've given 20 vials of the stuff
learning to speak english you consume a dozen mother tongues
learning to speak english i become an expert at signing hipaa forms with record speed
  • Polaroids of Photographs of Paintings of Film Stills by Brontez Purnell
  • from Summer Fun by Jeanne Thornton
  • 2 Poems by Jaime Shearn Coan
Do the Math
I'm Sorry
  • We Can Pretend by Chelsey Johnson
  • Bald Headed Woman by Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela
  • Silver Sins by Mariam Rahmani
  • Moving to Los Angeles by Alex Irene Borinsky
  • 2 Poems by Valentine Freeman
I Love You

Reviews & Criticism

  • 2 Reviews by Bruno Río
Unfamiliar Belonging: Bang, by Daniel Peña
Water is not a place: Henk Rossouw's Xamissa