28.2 - Summer/Fall 2016

Table of Contents

Authors in this issue: Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Alexandra Lytton Regalado, Chen Chen, Trey Moody, Jerzy Ficowski, translated by Jennifer Grotz & Piotr Sommer, Laurel Nakanishi, Shane McCrae, Graham Barnhart, Traci Brimhall, Andi Boyd, Morgan Parker, Dan Beachy-Quick, Jan Bindas-Tenney & Andrew Jaicks, Michael Bazzett, Kjerstin Anne Kauffman, James Henry Knippen, Anis Shivani, Emma Hine, Zhang Zueran, Stuart Dybek, Daniel J. O'Malley, Andrea Lee, Roberto Tejada, Eduardo C. Corral, Translated by Samantha Schnee, Carmen Boullosa, Nickole Brown, Wes Wrobel, Safiya Sinclair, elena minor, Javier Zamora, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Jessie Szalay, Yesenia Montilla, Benjamin Garcia, Olja Savcevic Ivancevic translated by Andrea Jurjevic, Erika L. Sánchez, Gabriel Welsch,


Notes for a Speech Never Given (The Nile Swim…

Andrea Lee

...these little unnatural bodies of water popping up across the country were glassy turquoise eyes opening on the future, each one a proof, with its modern chemicals and synthetic color, that Americans could improve upon nature with technology.

Features / Poetry

Muse: Found in Magical Realism

Yesenia Montilla

Imagine when she learned how to kiss / she was fascinated by lips & reached for them. / Her first love sported an elephant’s trunk / her second an owl’s boney beak.


Inside-Out Views

Jerzy Ficowski, translated by Jennifer Grotz & Piotr Sommer

The pink bellies of stones feed wetness to the ground. The underside of / eagles, owls and sparrows, the embarrassing buttock of moon—this is my / upturned monarchy: the inside-out views visible to a dog’s nose.


Murder Ballad Awaiting Sentencing

Traci Brimhall

Though perhaps he never debated it at all. Perhaps he was only waiting for the right stretch of road, a field with grass tall enough to hide a body.


If the Hand Offends

Andi Boyd

The word is in another language. / It means: Custer’s last stand. / It means: Ozymandias.


His God

Shane McCrae

I am the keeper tells Me the most popular exhibit You might not think this cheers me but it does I’m given many opportunities   I like especially to ask the groups Led by fat white men       I am careful to Never address the fat man but the…


War Games

Laurel Nakanishi

This is a rock-throwing war / all of their pockets bulge Keoni holds a big one / in both hands At some point the rocks are thrown / They must be


How to Stop the Bleeding

Graham Barnhart

A tourniquet will work         unless it doesn’t. They don’t         tell you what to do then if the artery is torn        behind the soft pocket of an armpit, or thigh       where it meets the pelvis, where the external         iliac becomes…


When a Man I Love Jerks Off in My Bed Next…

Morgan Parker

1: Genesis, or, God is a man/and he owns you. You were bad. Put on some/got-damn clothes. 2: Exodus, or, you would still / be a slave if it were not for men. Also, magic. / Magic or, never question a man’s truth.


Death Is a Festival: Sonnet 57

Anis Shivani

On the nigh- / naked tree some voice in the management of / their own affairs: O what a mask was there, / what a disguise! Instances of displacement of / leaves...


Lamarckian Inheritance II

Emma Hine

In the family story, his father tells him not to take a swim: / the shark net is down. Everyone knows not to swim / without the net. He dives from the cliff. From the air, a fin. / His flesh unlaces. There are teeth embedded in his bone.


Wedding Dress

Zhang Zueran

As she drives Georgette home, she can’t resist saying, when they’re almost there, Such pointy cheekbones, aren’t you afraid they’ll cut your husband? Georgette laughs coldly. I wish they’d cut him to pieces.



James Henry Knippen

My inheritance is the names/ of flowers, my tongue / a red headstone speaking / the names of lilies.


Lines of Love & Censure

Kjerstin Anne Kauffman

You caught me up / old world / in obsolescent fabric / stiff & / loosely shaped / tabbinet, cambric / martin’s hide / lace



Dan Beachy-Quick

How often at night the mouth works / Its own words by itself for no one’s hearing / Not even our own. Grain sleep of dreams / In which snow again buries the river and fields; / And also, the strange slow green beneath ice


The Warp

Jan Bindas-Tenney & Andrew Jaicks

The architect’s website for my hometown prison features wispy watercolors of blue skies, blotted cotton clouds, a border of poplar leaves above rings of razor wire.


You Again

Michael Bazzett

When they asked me / to describe myself / I said I am / the opposite of an onion.