Art for the People's Sake 1

Ryan N. Dennis

Otabenga Jones & Associaes looks to the history of black power movements from the 1960s through the 1980s to edify their ties to the past, to continue successful methods of community action, and to acknowledge the strength...

Mermaid and Knife

Caitlin Horrocks

All axe-work, he says, the beams and the thousands of wooden shingles covering the roof and walls. The beams in the newer bays are shorter, mounted on stone footings, and do not match the towering straight oaks of the old nave...

From the GC Blog

Wanting It, A Review

Adrienne Perry

Enough cannot be written about desire. Desire will not let us hold or master it. Instead, we are both lucky and pained to dwell in its atmosphere, an atmosphere changing so quickly we would need an atomic clock to trace its movements. Anne Carson’s Eros…

Giotto’s Perfect Circle: On Judging Literary Contests (oh, And Also On Being Judged. . . )

Robin Black

The story goes like this: Back in the early fourteenth century, the Pope (which Pope? you ask? The interwebs are unclear. . . There’s a Boniface-Benedict disagreement out there. . .) needed a painter for an important project, so sent a courier to Florence,…

The Parent Trap & Other Potential Pitfalls of Writing What You Know

Robin Black

There isn’t much about parenting that I don’t know. Mothering, specifically. A caveat though: I mean, mothering with a good dose of privilege, including financial security. But within that fortunate realm, I have been at this mothering thing more than…