No-Flood Zone (Including Lines From "Freudian" by Daniel Caesar)

Joshua Nguyen

Aug 29, 2018

the realtor reassures my family

father: 34-years-old | catholic-by-culture | first in his family to buy a house 
mother: 33-years-old | catholic-converter | new job as claims adjuster 
brother: 15-years-old | green-belt | future football star 
sister: 11-years-old | family genius | future illusionist 
me: 5-years-old | soda addict | unknown reached potential 

the realtor says this land hasn't ever recorded a major flood

house: first floor | half-bath | dining | master bedroom | kitchen | living
adjuster: insurance agent | investigates personal | property damage | makes estimates for effecting settlements
star: big and bright | easier to see on the freeway | deep in the heart of texas
illusionist: one technique is to always be prepared | this is called: to conjure a way out
hater: biker kid shoots my neck with a bb-gun at the bottom of the bayou

the realtor says Houston is very much inland from the coast

living: population - 2.3 million | all my cousins | the love of my life | my first dog | burial
settlements: second definition - a place | typically one that has hitherto been uninhabited | where people establish a community.
texas: ya’ll | oil | potholes | traffic | humidity | chinatown | whataburger | barbeque | rockets
out: north of here | towards Dallas | blue signs on the side of I-10 | spinning white eye
bayou: by my house | by the water tower | we used to throw empty bottles | watch them break

the realtor says there is no need for flood insurance | no one here has it

burial: so much in between us | save my soul like jesus | what once was lost cannot be found
community: don’t you love when i come around | build you up and then i take you down
rockets: i know this is a game we play | always taking my breath | it’s never over until life ends
eye: yes | i’m a mess but i’m blessed to be stuck with you | i’m coming back home to you
break: take me away | take me away | take me away | take me away | take me away