The Land of 3,000 Dreams

Jim Daniels

They say if you just strap weights
around your ankles and wrists 
and carry on 
                   you will be stronger.
They say if you just strap weights
to your earlobes and testicles
you will hear 
                   your true love call your name.
They say if you just carry a coffin
above your head every day of your life
animals will love you 
                              and you will accept death.
They say if you just wear a cast-iron hat
and tip it to your enemies
you will learn forgiveness  
                                      or vengeance.
They say if you strap on a lead belt
and listen to Chubby Checker records
you will fuck 
                   with dignity.
They say if you fill your mouth with gold
and chew raw meat like bubble gum
you will be both seen 
                               and heard.
They say if you replace your hair
with steel rods and comb it 
with a garden rake 
                            it won’t blow in the wind.
They say if you bench press a small automobile
you will be crushed.
                             They say there are limits to what
weights can do.
                       They say the weight of the heart
minus the weight of the soul
cannot be lifted.
                       They say in the land of 3,000 dreams
strong men and strong women
                                            will have weak children
from being constantly lifted
from the weight of expectation
from the heavy words
                                raining down on them.