Kimiko Hahn

Darwin could not believe an insect

would visit a blossom that had no reward
so insisted this orchid

must withhold the nectar deep inside.
But he was deceived as well.

Which brings us up-to-date—
where the green-winged orchid

does not offer nectar in its own Darwinian desire
to attract then rid itself of the useful bee.

Still other species have evolved to resemble a female!
thus leading to frustrated trysts—

or to resemble two fractious rivals
which also attracts—not surprisingly—a male

curious to join the fray. What to make
of highly evolved Beauty

bent on deception as survival—

what to tell young women
who flaunt thigh and thong?

I would like my daughters to be selective.
But, alas! As far as that narrative

they are full of nectar!