Buffalo Cactus

Sierra Bellows

A year after Sadie moved in with him, Ben brought home a buffalo calf in a rented trailer designed to carry four horses. The calf rode the thirty miles of highway from the farm in Buckeye, Arizona, where she was born to a new paddock that Ben had built in a rush over a week. It was a small enclosure, more a holding pen than anything else. The neighbors down the road had assumed that it would hold ponies. But when Ben unloaded the trailer, the calf…

Immanuel Kant

Joe Fletcher

Gulf Shores, Alabama. The sun spun in its flaming sphere, light-belching charioteer. I was pale and in the ocean, naked but for a swimsuit and a snorkeling mask...

The Golden Calf

Meghan Privitello

If you ask for a god, / I will give you a hum-drum sculpture, a cheap / vessel to fill / with what you think / is worthy: your angst / and cum, that one memory / of your mother / when she was still alive / enough to groan. / Give me your earrings...

From the GC Blog

I Pine, I Sigh, Please Pass the Mayo: What Sitcoms Can Teach Writers of Literary Fiction

Laura Jok

The corniness and implausibility of melodrama stems from a form of narcissism—a fictional world that conforms too completely to the character's emotional state, indicating a micromanaging…

My First Book of Poetry: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Independent Presses (Part III of III)

Frances Justine Post

Remember that what matters is that you be fearless and write fearless poems. The world needs you to say the things it cannot say for itself...

My First Book of Poetry: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Independent Presses (Part II of III)

Frances Justine Post

While the acclaim and name-recognition of winning a well-known prize is nice, it's not the only way. More than ever, this is the Golden Age of Indie Publishing. Independent poetry presses…