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Founded by Philip Lopate and Donald Barthelme in 1986, Gulf Coast is a journal of literature, art, and critical art writing, publishing contributors who represent a flow of international cultures, voices, and aesthetics. Through programs and publications, and in collaboration with the University of Houston, Gulf Coast brings consequential art and writing to an engaged audience.Learn more: see our masthead and executive board information here.


2015 Barthelme Prize

The Barthelme Prize Winner and Honorable Mentions are here! Many thanks to judge Steve Almond and to all who submitted.

Odd Splendor

Natalie Diaz, Tarfia Faizullah, David Tomas Martinez, Roger Reeves, Alan Shapiro

How do you think you yourselves can avoid in twenty years becoming the very establishment that the next generation of innovative writers will need to oppose?

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Dear friends and fellow travelers!   We took a poll among the staff and it was unanimous: Gulf Coast subscribers are pretty much the most fabulous people on the planet. You love art, literature, and beautiful books, and your subscriptions allow us to…

“You cannot give your students what you do not give yourself:” A Conversation with Raymond Antrobus, Jacob Sam-La Rose, and Toni Stuart

R.A. Villanueva

There is a graceful, introspective essay by Nick Ripatrazone at The Millions where he considers the peculiar contradictions and relentless devotions which charge his teaching as a current does. I’ve thought about “The Last English Teacher” often since…


R.A. Villanueva

Of all the language I’ve transported over to poetry from other realms, “catalyst” is, by leaps and bounds, the term I depend on the most. It’s biochemical—alchemical, even. In its very nature there is activation, modification, change, rupture, drive,…