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Founded by Philip Lopate and Donald Barthelme in 1986, Gulf Coast is a journal of literature, art, and critical art writing, publishing contributors who represent a flow of international cultures, voices, and aesthetics. Through programs and publications, and in collaboration with the University of Houston, Gulf Coast brings consequential art and writing to an engaged audience.Learn more: see our masthead and executive board information here.


Dissected Motives: Liam Callanan's Listen & Other Stories

...a spectrum of characters and the winding grief, anxieties, loneliness, exhilarations, and desires that spin inside them and ricochet through disparate scenarios.

Micro-Review: Major Jackson's Roll Deep

"A mature and smooth flowing journey through the perspective of a man with Philadelphia roots."

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Carlos Hernandez

The first time I ever blogged was with zanga. I had just been dumped and wanted to vent. To my embarrassment, people had actually read it.

Gulf Coast at #AWP16: Dance Yr Ass Off (Contest), Raffles, Gulf Coast 28.2 & More

Gulf Coast Online

This week, Gulf Coast is headed to the land of the stars--literary stars, that is! Wednesday, March 30th through Saturday, April 2nd, Gulf Coast will be representing at #AWP16, from our handsome booth at the bookfair (#734), to the Gulf Coast & 7x7 “GC…

An Entirely New Milieu: Rethinking the MFA Story

Jeni McFarland

UPDATE: This piece has been edited since it's original posting date. I’ve noticed a trend. It might be chalked up to coincidence, but I’m not convinced. The trend is that journals say they want more writing by women and people of color, but when the submissions…