Emma Bolden

2014 Barthelme Prize Winner

We were all in love. We were always in love.

The World As Presence

Kristin Dykstra

2014 Prize in Translation Winner

I think about snow crystals and landscapes one millimeter in diameter...

From the GC Blog

Unmaking: Decolonizing Character, Body and Voice

Lidia Yuknavitch

I’m not going to lie to you.  I just wrote a novel that disassembles most of what we think of when we say “novel.”  But before you dismiss the idea, consider another:  the entire enterprise of the novel contains within it the seeds of its own unmaking,…

Upcoming Guest Blogger: Lidia Yuknavitch

Carlos Hernandez

The Gulf Coast Blog is gearing up for another month-long resident blogger: Help us welcome Lidia Yuknavitch to the GC Blog starting Monday, July 6th.   Lidia Yuknavitch is the author of the novel The Small Backs of Children (Harper, July 2015 ), the anti-memoir…

On Ed Bok Lee’s Poem, "The Schooner Bar"

David Mura

The Schooner Bar By Ed Bok Lee NOTE: Your screen size may affect line breaks in this poem. Click to read it at its home in Tinderbox Poetry Journal. Farther inside this long bar near Lake and Hiawatha, they burn Over beers in the dark, these men and two…