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Founded by Philip Lopate and Donald Barthelme in 1986, Gulf Coast is a journal of literature, art, and critical art writing, publishing contributors who represent a flow of international cultures, voices, and aesthetics. Through programs and publications, and in collaboration with the University of Houston, Gulf Coast brings consequential art and writing to an engaged audience.


Gulf Coast Summer Contests

Deadline: August 31st

Now accepting Submissions for The Gulf Coast Prize in Translation (Prose) and the Barthelme Prize for Short Prose.

Odd Splendor

Natalie Diaz, Tarfia Faizullah, David Tomas Martinez, Roger Reeves, Alan Shapiro

How do you think you yourselves can avoid in twenty years becoming the very establishment that the next generation of innovative writers will need to oppose?

From the GC Blog

Agorafobia, escritura, y yo: sobre el temor y la risa en Canyon Ranch

Bruno Rios

Pagaría muchísimo dinero por tener todavía esos emails que les escribí a mi familia y amigos en enero, 2003, desde Canyon Ranch. Tengo la sospecha de que son los mejores textos que…

Upcoming Guest Blogger: R. A. Villanueva

Gulf Coast Online

September is upon us, and with it, so is another Gulf Coast Blogger in residence. We're pleased to bring you discussions on craft, interviews and other media from R. A. Villanueva, author of Reliquaria (winner of the Prairie Schooner Book Prize). He is…

Micro Review: Holding Ground in Mississippi: Margaret McMullan’s Aftermath Lounge

Sara Cooper

The book opens in heavy rain. While the rest of the town is securing storm shutters and stockpiling batteries, Norma is mourning the death of her closest friend, Donna, who drove off…