Art for the People's Sake 1

Ryan N. Dennis

Otabenga Jones & Associaes looks to the history of black power movements from the 1960s through the 1980s to edify their ties to the past, to continue successful methods of community action, and to acknowledge the strength...

Mermaid and Knife

Caitlin Horrocks

All axe-work, he says, the beams and the thousands of wooden shingles covering the roof and walls. The beams in the newer bays are shorter, mounted on stone footings, and do not match the towering straight oaks of the old nave...

From the GC Blog

RECAP: Guest Blogger David Mura

Carlos Hernandez

Tomorrow's blog post marks the end of a month at GC Online with David Mura as guest blogger. Our hope in having David as a guest was to engage in the conversations online, not only about artistic craft and process, but also about a larger landscape, about…

The Storyteller as Sadist (or Zuckerman’s Complaint)

David Mura

        If in the world of our stories, we as authors resemble God, it is because we visit trials and tribulations upon our protagonists, while we sit removed from their world, watching them suffer, investigating their suffering, rendering their suffering. …

Wells Fargo Sub-prime Loans, Baltimore & Systemic Racism

David Mura

On a friend’s Facebook page today, I found a photo of abandoned row houses, presumably in Baltimore, with the caption: “Where were all the folks concerned with Baltimore’s private property when Wells Fargo Bank first pushed sup-prime mortages on Bmore’s…