Voices as Diverse as the Gulf itself.

Founded by Phillip Lopate and Donald Barthelme in 1986, Gulf Coast is a journal of literature, art, and critical art writing, publishing contributors who represent a flow of international cultures, voices, and aesthetics. Through programs and publications, and in collaboration with the University of Houston, Gulf Coast brings consequential art and writing to an engaged audience.

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Review: Dissected Motives: Liam Callanan's Listen & Other Stories

...a spectrum of characters and the winding grief, anxieties, loneliness, exhilarations, and desires that spin inside them and ricochet through disparate scenarios.

The 2018 Gulf Coast Gala

Wednesday, April 4 at 6:30pmCherie Flores Garden Pavilion1500 Hermann DriveHouston, TX 77004 Gala Chairs: Carolyn Roch Henneman & Matt Henneman Guest Speaker: Justin Cronin In 2010, Justin Cronin's The Passage was a phenomenon. The unforgettable tale that critics and readers compared to the novels of Cormac McCarthy, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and Margaret Atwood became a runaway bestseller and enchanted readers around the globe. It spent…

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Dissimilar Multitudes

Kristina Marie Darling

Co-Written with Karla Kelsey Grubby violet dusk.  Everywhere, the tongue-tang of rust…. In a recent collection, Night Vision, Claire Wahmanholm presents us with a speaker who drifts between rhetorical modes, trying each of them on as though they were…

Re: Verse: On Anonymity and the Future of Collaborative Poetry

Kristina Marie Darling

Co-Written with Chris Campanioni   Long before the Internet was re-routed from military servers and mainstreamed, Foucault understood the efficacy of anonymous interactions on the level of literature, imagining “a culture where discourse would circulate…

Towards an Ethics of Collaboration: A Practitioner's Roundtable

Kristina Marie Darling

About the Participants Mary Biddinger is the author of six full-length poetry collections, most recently Small Enterprise and The Czar (with Jay Robinson), both from Black Lawrence Press. Her work has recently appeared in numerous journals including…