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Beautiful, Ugly, Crazy: Reflections on Infinite Jest

I was backpacking in Malaysia when, on a whim, I picked up a copy of Infinite Jest. I knew the book was very famous and that people liked to make a big deal about having read it and understood it, or else having read it and seen through the bullshit enough to sagely hate it. I started reading it at a hostel bar in Phnom Penh and had no strong feelings either way until page 12, when I read this: “‘I read,’ I say. I study and read. I bet I’ve read…

"The Reader vs POC"

Matthew Salesses

In the typical creative writing workshop, a group of the writer’s peers discuss her work while she stays silent. “One of the most useful things a workshop can do for the writer is to reflect the intention of the work back to her,” author Peter Turchi writes. The “gag rule” operates on the premise that the writer is in the dark with regard to her own subconscious. Many writers know the feeling. The danger is that the workshop ends up critiquing imagined…

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Giving to Gulf Coast always makes a difference. Our staff of nearly 35 editors, readers, and interns could not publish such a handsome compendium of art and writing—in print and online—without you. In 2015, submissions, subscriptions, and donations, alongside…

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Dear friends and fellow travelers!   We took a poll among the staff and it was unanimous: Gulf Coast subscribers are pretty much the most fabulous people on the planet. You love art, literature, and beautiful books, and your subscriptions allow us to…

“You cannot give your students what you do not give yourself:” A Conversation with Raymond Antrobus, Jacob Sam-La Rose, and Toni Stuart

R.A. Villanueva

There is a graceful, introspective essay by Nick Ripatrazone at The Millions where he considers the peculiar contradictions and relentless devotions which charge his teaching as a current does. I’ve thought about “The Last English Teacher” often since…