Winner: JR Fenn's " Where We Went and What We Did There"
Honorable Mentions:

Alessandra Nolan
"Guilt Letters"

Daisy Pitkin
"Scattering Theory"

Judged by: Darin Strauss


Winner: Alexander Lumans's " Power and Light"
Honorable Mentions:

Ravsten Cottle
"The Young Mormon's Guide to Not Having Sex in the 1980s"

Ayed Ali Haider
"I'll Take It Neat"

Judged by: Maggie Shipstead


Winner: MK Foster's " "Fugue for the Sky Burial of Your Father""
Honorable Mentions:

Melissa Barrett
"If I Were the Moon, I Know Where I Would Fall Down"

Scott Challener

Judged by: Stanley Plumly